Time-saving packaging for the robotics industry

Time-saving packaging for the robotics industry
Clip-Lok designs a smart cost-saving one-way packaging for the robotics industry. It provides optimal protection, improves productivity and the working environment in the packaging process, as well as easy to access features for the end-users.   

Clip-Lok one-way packaging solution uses the unique Clip-Lok QIK Clip® to assemble and disassemble the box. The QIK plastic clip requires no tools to open and close, which makes the packaging convenient and user-friendly for both the customers and the end-users. The ease of assembly saves time for the customer. The one-way packaging is also designed with foam dunnages to protect the robot during transport.

The Customer

Life Science Robotics ApS develops and sells innovative rehabilitation robots in the medical industry. They have developed a robot named ROBERT® that offers efficient rehabilitation and early mobilization of patients. Furthermore, it reduces the heavy and repetitive lifts for the healthcare staff, which is a benefit for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Time-saving packaging for the robotics industry
ROBERT® loaded and secured on the Clip-Lok pallet

Customer Challenges

ROBERT® is a high-end robotic medical device that requires safe and easy transportation. It is sold globally. Therefore, Life Science Robotics needed a packaging solution to be robust enough to withstand shipping over large distances and with different carriers. Similarly, they required packaging, which was easy to use for them during the assembly process and easy to use for the end-users in hospitals and clinics.

Clip-Lok’s Packaging Solution

Clip-Lok’s sales and product development team, based in Allerød – North of Copenhagen, Denmark recognized the challenges faced by Life Science Robotics for shipping ROBERT®. Therefore, Clip-Lok designed an Oriented Strand Board (OSB) box, clipped together using the unique Clip-Lok QIK Clip®. Clip-Lok’s QIK plastic clip is unique because no tools and nails are needed during the assembly and disassembly process. Thus, it removes all possibilities of damaging ROBERT® during this process.

Clip-Lok QIK Clip
Clip-Lok QIK Clip® ensures no nails and screws are needed to open and close the Clip-Lok boxes

For ease of use, Clip-Lok also designed a loading ramp for ROBERT® to be loaded and unloaded on the pallet. It allows the packaging to be built around ROBERT®, which makes it easier to pack and unpack. The pallet bottom also is designed with hoops to strap and secure ROBERT®, which ensures added protection during transport. 

Time-saving packaging for the robotics industry
Strapping ensures added protection to the products during transport

Similarly, Clip-Lok precisely cut PE-Foam and used it as dunnage to protect the display and other vulnerable parts of ROBERT®. PE-Foam provides optimal cushioning protection from repeated impacts that occur during transport. 

Clip-Lok’s OSB box is also flat packable. Therefore, the end-user can easily store the box and send the robot back to the supplier for recalibration, if required. Similarly, the OSB box can be stacked and it is designed for optimal transport packaging by road, rail and air.

Time-saving packaging for the robotics industry
PE-Foam provides optimal cushioning protection from repeated impacts that occur during transport

Life Science Robotics have been happy with Clip-Lok’s packaging solution. Their CTO and partner Rune Kristensen said,  

“At Life Science Robotics ApS, we believe that providing a safe and high-quality product is essential in the medical sector that only requires the best. This also included packaging of the devices. For this matter, the solution from Clip-Lok matches this need, and we have been very happy about the design, the process and the product provided by Clip-Lok.”

Time-saving packaging for the robotics industry
ROBERT® loaded and secured in the Clip-Lok Expendable Box

Customer benefits of the Clip-Lok solutions
– Easy to load and unload
– Tool-free packaging
– Built around the robot
– Reduction of logistics costs
– Elimination of transportation damages
End-user benefits of the Clip-Lok solutions
– No tools required to disassemble
– Easy to access and unload
– Effortless to flat pack and store

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