Packaging of tents & equipment for field hospitals

Clip-Lok’s customers are packing tents, heating and cooling systems in Clip-Lok’s returnable boxes for field hospitals during the Covid-19 crisis.

Clip-Lok is operational, and the Covid-19 crisis has not affected our facilities or our supply of raw materials. For the last few weeks, we have been busy manufacturing packaging for tents for field hospitals. The new packaging design of our returnable solutions is moisture controlled. Our packaging solution also supports normal and chain handling to load equipment in containers, trailers and aircraft and vessels.

While governments are battling the Covid-19 pandemic, Clip-Lok is working hard to support our customers. National emergency authorities, as well as the military, have an increased need for tents to build field hospitals. Moreover, they need heating and cooling systems for the tents. We are very experienced in producing packaging solutions for tents as well as for cooling and heating systems. Therefore, we are producing returnable boxes that pack both inflatable tents and tactile tents for the soldiers and patients. We are also producing returnable packaging solutions for heating and cooling systems.

We have been designing packaging for tents for over 30 years. Our recent packaging design for tents makes our boxes uniquely adaptable to moisture. This new feature protects tents from disintegrating during transport.

We also offer innovative packaging solutions for heating and cooling systems used in tents. Our goal is to protect the equipment and ensure easy handling for the operators. We design our boxes as per the needs of our customer.

Our packaging solution supports normal handling. It also supports chain handling to load equipment from boats. The Clip-Lok QIK Steel clips, which secure our boxes, require no tools. It makes our boxes easy to assemble and disassemble. Our boxes are also flat-packable, which make them easy to store.

Digital Project Management & Remote Designing Capability

We use Catia, CAD software to design packaging. It allows us to design complex packaging without requiring physical product with us. With only a CAD file or external geometry of the product, we design the packaging for our customers.

We set-up web meetings instead of face-to-face meetings to interact with you. This way of digital project management and remote design ensures we follow the recommendations from authorities. It also ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

Packaging for tents and equipments
Tents packed in Clip-Lok returnable box
Equipment for tent strapped and packed in a Clip-Lok returnable box
Equipment for tent strapped and packed in a Clip-Lok returnable box
Transporting Clip-Lok boxes with tents and equipment