One-Way Packaging for Batteries & Sustainable Energy Storage Packs

Clip-Lok one-way packaging solution for energy storage packs and batteries used in modern homes. 


There is a drive in the housing market for sustainable energy solutions. And, the modern household is becoming sustainable and self-sufficient with the increased use of solar and geothermal energy. There is also a great need to store this excess energy. It is used when demand is high or when required.


Our customer’s product, which is a home storage pack and batteries, stores this excess energy. As the product is heavy and expensive, the packaging is essential to protect against damages during transport.


Clip-Lok SimPak® has designed and developed a one-way packaging solution with foam dunnages. The foam dunnages protect the product during transport. All four sides can open, so operators can build the box around the product.


Operator friendly packaging increases efficiency in production

To make it easier for the operators, the pallet bottom has a marking. This saves time in production while packing the product. The product fits perfectly into the dunnages, safeguarding the product. The ergonomic design ensures product protection at all times during transport.


Clip-Lok One-Way boxes are stackable. They are optimized to fit a truck or a container. It saves our customer transport costs during delivery.


Moreover, Clip-Lok QIK plastic clips is a tool and nail-free solution to open and close the box. This makes it easy for not only the operators but also the end-users. For instance, when the product reaches the end customer, they open and close the box without the need for any tools.


Our Swedish sales manager, Roger Tillberg, who is the project owner, said, “It has been a thrilling journey finding an optimal packaging solution for the home storage pack and batteries. This solution is ISPM 15 compliant and all components can be recycled or burnt for energy. Our customer like us wants to create a sustainable environment. So, the Clip-Lok One-Way Box with the Clip-Lok QIK Plastic clip makes the perfect packaging partner for the batteries and energy storage unit”.


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Battery unit in Clip-Lok One-Way Box
All batteries packed in Clip-Lok One-Way box
Energy-saving unit in Clip-Lok One-Way box
Clip-Lok QIK Plastic Clip