One-Way & Returnable Packaging for ADF -Power Tuning Equipment

One-Way & Returnable Packaging for ADF -Power Tuning Equipment

Packaging for power tuning equipment has always been challenging. These are not only expensive but also sensitive to transport. They are also heavy. Clip-Lok’s one-way and returnable solution provides the best solution for power tuning equipment.

Our customer Comsys is a market leader in providing power-tuning equipment. Comsys provides Active Harmonic Filters that reliably mitigate harmonics and effectively compensates for voltage dips as well as reactive power. They manufacture industry-leading power tuning equipment installed in the general industry segment as marine, oil and gas and water treatment plants across the globe. Their equipment can weigh anywhere between 70 kg to 700 kg.

The packaging was always a concern for Comsys. They used to pack their equipment using nailed together solution or pallets with corners. However, this solution was too weak and difficult to handle which damaged their power tuning equipment.

Clip-Lok’s solution

When our sales and development team approached Comsys, they were intrigued by our nail free and easy to handle packaging solution. Even though our solution seemed more expensive at first, they saw great value in a nail-free packaging solution. In addition, the ease of use for operators and end-users, as all four sides could be opened without any tools required was an added benefit. All boxes could also be stacked and flat packed.

One-Way & Returnable Packaging for ADF -Power Tuning Equipment
One-Way Box for ADF power tuning equipment

The end customer of Comsys said, “We were impressed by the Clip-Lok packaging. This idea of special holes and plastic clips is something that we have never seen before and it is absolutely remarkable! No nails, no hammers, no broken wood! Only a few seconds to open it! Ability to reassemble it again! Everyone was astonished”.

One-Way & Returnable Packaging for ADF -Power Tuning Equipment
Clip-Lok QIK Plastic Clip requires no tools to open and close the box

Roger Tillberg, our Swedish sales manager who is the owner of the Comsys project said, “Our solution for Comsys has been remarkable. Its simplicity, ease of use and optimised design is what differentiates Clip-Lok from our competitors. Since we started our cooperation Clip-Lok designed all-new packaging for their power tuning equipment. That’s the trust they have in our ability to service them and provide a solution as per their needs”.

One-Way & Returnable Packaging for ADF -Power Tuning Equipment

Clip-Lok’s one-way and returnable packaging solutions for the energy sector are nail free and easy to handle for operators and end-users. The article to be packed is secured using dunnage. They are flat-packable and stackable which saves cost during transport.

Clip-Lok QIK Clip Steel
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