Steel rack solution for fighter jets

Fighter jets cost millions. Even the smallest parts used in the fighter jet are of high value. So, it is extremely important to find the right packaging for these parts. Clip-Lok has designed a turnkey steel rack packaging solution for one of the leading fighter jet manufacturers in Europe. Our customer is happy due to the high quality of the steel and unique stacking corners of the Clip-Lok Steel Racks.

Clip-Lok Steel Racks are extremely durable. The bracing along corners introduced in this solution strengthens the packaging. It is possible to stack multiple steel racks due to the unique stacking corners. This ensures our customer saves space during warehousing and transportation.

Our steel racks are also powder coated which provides increased protection against corrosion. This makes our steel racks extremely durable in all conditions. We have also ensured that our steel rack solution is easy to handle. Hence, we have designed a four-way pallet for easy access for the forklift drivers.

The parts of the fighter jet are fragile. We have hence designed diamond-shaped plates at the base of the steel racks. This ensures the parts do not move freely during transport.

We have designed steel racks in multiple dimensions for our customer. And, now the Clip-Lok Steel Racks are involved in the manufacturing process of fighter jet parts in many locations in Europe.

Our customer’s packaging engineer said “Clip-Lok has been extremely efficient in handling our request. They have provided a 360-degree service to us. The packaging solution provided is what we needed. They designed a tailor-made solution by understanding our need. Prototypes were provided to us. They were fast to handle our queries and provided quick delivery time. The quality of the steel racks is also very high. We have also been impressed with their follow-up and after-sales service. They are the perfect packaging partner we needed.”

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