Cold chain packaging is now eco-friendly

Cold-chain packaging

Packaging and transportation of perishable products have been an age-old challenge for Defence. Not anymore. Clip-Lok has designed a packaging solution for cold chain transportation of perishable products. The Clip-Lok Cold Chain box has no plastic and hazardous waste. All materials used in our solution are recyclable.

Cold chain logistics includes all the means used to ensure a constant temperature for a product that is not heat stable.  from the time it is manufactured until the time it is used. Cold chain is considered as a science, a technology and a process. It requires an understanding of the chemical and biological processes associated with product perishability. Hence, it is a science. It relies on physical means to ensure desired temperature conditions along the supply chain. Hence, it is also technology.

Clip-Lok recognises this science, technology and process. We use frozen tetra packed water cartons, ensuring desirable temperature conditions during transportation. We also use cardboard within our plywood box. This acts as an insulator and keeps the temperature stable during transport.

The frozen water cartons thaw by the time they reach the defence base. It can then be used as drinking water. All materials used in Clip-Lok Cold Chain Box are recyclable. The packaging can be left behind without worrying about hazardous waste.

Our cold chain packaging solution is the best eco-friendly packaging solution in the market.

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