Clip-Lok SimPak & fuzl enter the world of furniture together

Who is fuzl?

fuzl is a furniture company from London that designs furniture using Clip-Lok QIK steel clips to hold their furniture together. Their furniture is made of high-quality birch plywood. It means the assembly requires no screws, no glue, and no tools!

How did it come into existence?

fuzl’s founder Oliver lives in a tiny 1 bedroom flat in London with his micro family. The arrival of an additional family member meant that space was even tighter than before. Drawing on his background in design, Oliver got to work and started to build furniture under the brand fuzl to suit his needs around his ‘flat-pak no fuss’ philosophy.

He noticed that people threw out their old flat pack furniture when they moved, rather than disassembling it and taking it with them. This struck him as an incredible waste. He started to wonder if things could be done differently…. and that’s how fuzl (‘furniture puzzle’) was born.

He met our Chairman, Anders Lassen, at a Trade fair in London and was intrigued with the concept. After discussing the concept of clipped together a flat-pack solution with Anders, he came up with an idea to integrate our clips and flat-pack ability into his furniture design.

It is a concept that is close to our heart because like fuzl we believe in sustainability.