Steel racks launch driven by market needs

In order to gauge demand on the Swedish market, the new steel products have been introduced on a small scale. The response has been positive in many ways. Gustaf Follin, Sales Director of Clip-Lok SimPak has led the launch. It’s developed by listening to the needs of the market.

 “A leading manufacturer of automotive cabins has chosen to invest in our mass-produced steel racks. They feel the process from inquiry to prototype and finally to mass production has been efficient and professional. It is a positive confirmation for starting our full-scale launch, particularly seeing that their needs were great and we had a limited amount of time.”

Katrine Skovbjerg, Head of R&D at Clip-Lok SimPak, claims that the technical benefits of the Clip-Lok CombiBox become obvious when working with the customer.

“Their greatest challenge is logistics and packaging. They often produce their cabins in a different location to where they assemble the vehicles. This puts great demands on logistics and on packaging. We can help them overcome this challenge with our new steel transportation packaging. Clip-Lok SimPak’s steel racks enable their transportation to be safe, cost-efficient and environmentally conscious.”