Clip-Lok SimPak wins the coveted ScanStar Award

Clip-Lok SimPak® wins a ScanStar Award for the innovative new Clip-Lok QIK Plastic Clip™.

ScanStar is a historic packaging competition organized annually by Scandinavian Packaging Association (SPA) and Cooperation Organization for Packaging Questions in Scandinavia. It is open for all packaging companies in one of the Nordic countries.

The innovative ScanStar award-winning Clip-Lok QIK Plastic Clip enables the user to easily open and close the boxes with a flick of their finger. Therefore, making it a completely tool-free solution for the users. Therefore, it can save time, money, and resources for the customers. Especially for one-way packaging customers. Moreover, it makes crating and uncrating of goods safer and easier in production.

This solution is the fastest and the easiest way to build tool-free packaging boxes in the transport packaging market.

The ScanStar award provides an opportunity for Clip-Lok SimPak® to participate in the coveted WorldStar competition, which is one of the major international awards in the packaging world.

Clip-Lok SimPak also has a similar solution available for the reusable packaging market in spring steel clips. Moreover, the users are also able to release these clips with the flick of a finger. It is easy to use and implement on the shop floor, and it saves time, money, and resources. It offers the same durability and clip slot size as the standard Clip-Lok clips.

For more information about these innovative new Clip-Lok clips, please contact your nearest Clip-Lok representative.

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