Clip-Lok SimPak introduces two innovative clips

Clip-Lok manufactures custom-designed clipped crates which are flat-packable. The clipped together packaging market was in desperate need of innovation. Therefore, we have now introduced our two new innovative clips (patent pending).  They are already making waves in the packaging industry.

Clip-Lok QIK Plastic Clip™

The award-winning Clip-Lok QIK Plastic Clip™ can save money, time, and resources. Furthermore, it makes crating and uncrating goods safer and more comfortable. Moreover, the clip is simply snapped open and shut using only a finger. Also, due to its ease of use, Clip-Lok expects this clip solution to significantly strengthen its position in the one-way packaging market.

Clip-Lok QIK Steel Clip™

The tool-free clip mechanism of the Clip-Lok QIK Steel Clip™ makes it very easy for the user to open the crate and get access to the contents. Moreover, the clip is simply flipped open by hand, and snapped back into place to close. Clip-Lok expects this finger-releasable packaging solution to make handling easy on the production floor. Therefore, we expect it to be welcome news for industries such as defence, where fast and easy access is a high priority.

For more information about these innovative new Clip-Lok clips, please contact your nearest Clip-Lok representative.

About Clip-Lok SimPak
Clip-Lok SimPak® is a cost-saving packaging system. For over 25 years, our reusable and expendable custom-designed boxes have provided superior savings and functionality.