Packaging for Airbus A380 wing ribs

Clip-Lok in Spain met with a unique challenge. Airbus contacted us to discuss packaging for wing ribs for their Airbus A380.

Customers difficulty

The job involved designing a reusable packaging solution. We needed to design a solution, which could safely transport sets of wing ribs from Spain to the production line in the UK. There are four different wing models which need to be packed in the boxes. Each model requires five unique boxes, which can each hold a series of eight ribs. Therefore, they needed twenty different boxes, each with specially designed dunnage.

Airbus wants to pack the wing ribs in a specific order. Also, they need easy accessibility, as the boxes need to function on a lean production line in the UK. Once on the production line, the workers needed easy and sequential access to the parts directly from the box without any unnecessary handling.

In addition, a metal structure is integrated into the bottom of each box. It allows easy movement of the boxes within the factory via special tracks.

Clip-Lok’s Solution

Pablo Losa, Sales Manager at Clip-Lok SimPak Iberica, explains, “We worked closely together with Airbus Spain and Airbus’ technical support partner, IDEC. We secured information about the components, the specific transport, and handling requirements. We designed the boxes and dunnage using CATIA 3D design software”. Pablo Losa continues, “Using the computer-generated drawings of each wing component, we designed a packaging solution. Each rib is cradled in the correct order on specially designed protective racks. Our solution provides excellent support and protection. Furthermore, it optimizes space within each box. Once our boxes arrive at the production line it is easy to open the lid and front of the boxes within seconds. It provides the workers in production easy and sequential access to the parts.”

Our 360° service ensured Airbus was very happy with our solution, which is now a vital part of their production process.

Reusable packaging for wing ribs from Spain to the UK.