New packaging for the automotive industry

Clip-Lok SimPak® continues its 25-year long cooperation by introducing new packaging for the automotive industry. Our new solution is a custom-designed box to transport truck-side windows directly to the assembly line.

The Clip-Lok 2P solution offers several advantages over traditional packaging. The name 2P – or two-part – means that the box has only two loose parts, the lid, and the front. The rest of the sides are hinged to the base. Therefore, it allows for fast flat packing and the build-up of the reusable box. The spring steel clips are also hinged in place. The box has plywood and polyurethane dunnage built within. Therefore, there is no loose dunnage, no need for any extra packaging, and no waste at all.

Moreover, the box design holds both left and right-side windows, thereby eliminating the need for two separate box models. The high precision dunnage and narrow tolerances ensure that the windows are in the exact position. In addition, robots are able to unload the glass windows from the box.

“We understand the unique requirements for lean manufacturing, just-in-time delivery, and in-sequence delivery,” says Gustaf Follin, Sales Director at Clip-Lok SimPak. “This, together with our determination to work together with the manufacturer to design the ideal packaging solution, has contributed to our growing business with automotive companies over the past 25 years.”

About Clip-Lok SimPak
Clip-Lok SimPak® is a cost-saving packaging system. For over 25 years, our reusable, flat-packable, custom-designed plywood boxes have provided superior savings and functionality. Moreover, most of our customers receive their investment payback after only three shipments. The Clip-Lok SimPak Group is a global network of independent companies covering marketing, sales, client liaison, and manufacturing on four continents.