Clip-Lok 2P boxes meet challenges for Finnveden

How do you pack a large quantity of big, bulky, odd-shaped parts into a box? It needs to be easy to access and ergonomic on the assembly line for the operators.

The answer lies in intelligent dunnage design. Dunnage for such parts must be robust, logical and protective against damage. Finnveden presented Clip-Lok with this challenge. They contacted Clip-Lok to find a transport packaging solution for their dashboard support frames.

Clip-Lok in close cooperation with Finnveden determined the specific requirements for this box. They looked at the following criteria:

  • the packing process
  • the potential for damage under shipment
  • the incorporation of the box on the assembly line
  • the return process.
Clip-Lok used Catia, a 3D design technology when all the parameters were determined. Catia assisted in finding the optimum solution for Finnveden.

Clip-Lok’s transport packaging solution – Clip-Lok 2P Box

The solution was a Clip-Lok 2P box with plywood dunnage which is built-up in sections providing easy access to the parts. When in place, the dunnage firmly secures each part in position within the box. This ensures maximum packing density while preventing damage during shipping. Also, this slim-wall plywood box can carry 30% more parts than a conventional steel rack were corner columns significantly reduce the packing density.

The 2P box has a removable front panel and a drop-down ramp which allows the workers to step into the box to access the back rows. When the box is emptied, the dunnage is packed within the flat-packed box for the cost-saving return shipment.

“This box is an excellent example of what Clip-Lok does best. The combination of digital technology and hands-on craftsmanship is critical to the process when we design solutions for our customers,” says Anders Lassen, Managing Director at Clip-Lok SimPak. “We rely equally on the expertise and creativity of our engineering staff and the pride and craftsmanship of our production staff when coming up with the solutions that keep our customers returning with new challenges.”

The boxes are now in circulation and the people at Clip-Lok are busy developing new solutions for the automobile industry’s unique packaging challenges.