The production process is simplified through Clip-Lok Integrated Soft-Rack packing system

The latest development from Clip-Lok is the Soft-Rack System, which is a collapsible box with an integrated fabric rack system that folds into the bottom when not in use. The Soft Rack system is designed to carry sensitive parts, such as painted car parts, without any need for extra packaging.

With lean manufacturing, it’s important to have a smooth assembly flow where the operator has direct access to all parts without any interference. With the Soft-Rack system, the sensitive parts are placed directly in the rack system by the sub-contractor. Extra packaging of the parts is not necessary. When the box arrives at the assembly line it can be easily opened by the operator, who immediately gets direct access to the parts. Without any further steps such as unpacking parts etc., the operator can continue in the manufacturing process, maintaining an optimized flow.

When the Soft-Rack box is emptied, it can be collapsed and either placed in storage with a minimum space uptake or it can be shipped back to the sub-contractor at a minimum of costs.

Whether you want to transport large or small items the Soft-Rack System can be designed to match your needs. The box fulfills the measurements for pallets but can easily be changed at your request.

By choosing the Soft-Rack system you obtain a smooth flow, lower costs and at the same, you reduce the impact on the environment.